Tamika C Graham Fortnight Feature

This page is where I share 3 new posts that I’ve read within a fortnight (14 days) that have stood out for me and I’ve personally found extremely helpful and memorable.

I read a lot of content on a daily basis but I wanted to keep this short by only listing 3. However, from time to time the number could change as there is a lot of amazing content out there.

The posts are listed in alphabetical order and cover various aspects of life so feel free to browse the list and enjoy.

November, 2019- Fortnight Feature #9

30 Ways to Save on Groceries

With Christmas quickly approaching, it certainly is important to budget appropriately for the additional expenses the season brings. This post definitely has some useful and very practical ideas to decrease grocery costs.

How to Build Wealth at Any Age

I found this post very encouraging as it gave very specific tips based on your decade even in your 50’s. Also, it gave great guidelines to aim for to ensure that you build wealth that can support your lifestyle during retirement.

Why do INFJs Struggle to Find Meaningful Relationships

This post was definitely great to read to have the perspective shared based on my specific personality type. It certainly resonated with me and all the fellow INFJs that I sent it to as I couldn’t help but share once I read it.

November, 2019- Fortnight Feature #8

15 Frugal Living Tips to Save Money in 2019

I liked this post as it gave simple and very practical tips that can easily be implemented in your life without any drastic changes. Just implementing 1 tip can get you started.

The Irish school that doesn’t believe in homework

This article was quite a contrast for me as I’ve grown up in a very pro-homework culture especially with two parents as teachers. It was enlightening to read this perspective on the no-homework trial. It made me aware of the pressures and stress completing homework has on the child, parent and teacher. Also, it was good to read the feedback and experience from those directly involved. It’s certainly a concept that I will think about more.

The week I sent Three Little Truths to my editors, I had a mini breakdown

I loved this post as I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and pondering on being guided by my heart and what I love vs what I should be doing based on expectations and other pressures. I love that even as Eithne listened to her heart, it didn’t mean that she didn’t experience fear. However, she reached a point where being true to her heart became more important than the expectations.

October, 2019- Fortnight Feature #7

7 Almighty Mathematics For Business And Personal Finance

The 7 mathematical formulas are certainly very useful to add to your financial management whether personally or business as it provides very helpful information which can help you see if you are currently on track to achieve your financial goals or if there are changes to be made. The Rule of 72 was one that was completely new to me. Some of the others I had heard about in passing but the explanations given here were great to help me better understand these concepts.

How to Answer Interview Questions In Line with Your Personality (and Still Get the Job!)

This one caught my eye as I have often found in books and posts that talk about interviews it often seems to cater to a more outgoing personality type which I am not. I liked that the suggestions and tips shared in this post encouraged interviewees to be true to their personality types and still be able to answer interview questions well,

How to Make Money and Build Wealth Using the Rule of 72

After reading the post on mathematical formulas, then it made sense to read up more on the Rule of 72 which was new to me. I liked how this article broke it down and provided several examples to illustrate. I also learnt that the real number is technically 69.3.

September, 2019- Fortnight Feature #6

200 Fun Facts That’ll Actually Make Your Life Better

This was quite a long list but filled with lots of facts and trivia so I really learnt a lot.

How Much Should I Have in My Savings

I thought this would be a good post to read to be reminded of the recommendations and rules of thumb and it certainly helped me to focus and review how I am managing my savings.

The One Thing Marriage Does That Living Together Doesn’t

I stumbled across this post by clicking through a few links but I really enjoyed it as I never stopped to really consider how marriage makes a man and woman family and it clicked when I read this post.

September, 2019- Fortnight Feature #5

5 Tips to Read 100 Books a Year

I love to read so this title captured my attention as I do read a lot of books but not this many! The article gave me a new perspective to consider where you read the book and focus on what’s really important rather than reading the book cover to cover which is my general tendency for non-fiction reading. I certainly picked up some other useful tips.

Brene Brown: The Call to Challenge Netflix Special

I first discovered Brene Brown through her TED Talk and I’ve read one of her books. When I saw this post on her Netflix special, I was certainly curious to read a review of the show and also gain some takeaways I can apply in my life. I really loved the quote mentioned in the 3rd of 8 lessons as this is really applicable personally.

How to Overcome the I Can’ts in Your Life

This post is a good reminder and encouragement of the importance of our thoughts and words. What we speak over our lives and the thoughts we have, influence our actions and behaviours. We need to shift our focus to God and the truth He speaks over us, then let that fuel our thoughts, words, actions and behaviours. I particularly liked the list of 7 tips that was shared.

August, 2019- Fortnight Feature #4

How These Books Helped Me Quit My Job and Start a Small Business

I love this list of books as I picked up lots of great tips and also discovered new books to add to my wishlist. The first book on the list Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one that I have read and it certainly transformed my thinking about finance and work. From this list, I’m particularly interested in reading Getting Things Done by David Allen.

How To Use Google Docs to Organize your Blog

I enjoyed this post as it presented great reasons for choosing Google docs to draft blog posts. It has certainly convinced me to give Google Docs a try so I’ll see how I find it over the coming weeks and consider making a permanent switch.

What If We Interviewed Your Bible?

This post shared an amazing testimony which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. However, it was also deeply challenging to consider on a personal level. I have used a variety of Bibles in the past and they all would tell different stories reflective of those seasons in my life. Some would be difficult to hear but each would also be a reminder of God’s love, mercy and grace.

August, 2019- Fortnight Feature #3

15 Amazing Trades with God

This post is a great resource to easily see 15 ways that God really has lavishly blessed us giving us way more than we deserve when we give him what little we have.

How God Creates “New Wine” Through Financial Distress

I loved this encouraging post as it was a really honest and personal perspective shared on tithing. It went to the heart of the matter in understanding that tithing is less about 10% and about putting God first 100% of the time. Finance is just one way we do this.

How to Easily Double Your Traffic with Social Media

This post was really helpful for tips and an interesting strategy to help improve your social media channel

July, 2019- Fortnight Feature #2

10 Ways To Make Vegetables Taste Good

I enjoyed this article as I know I should eat more vegetables so this article gives me very practical ways to do so.

Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

I knew massages are good for the body but I never knew the specific reasons why so this post was really informative for me.

Stepping Confidently Into Your Calling

This was a great reminder to spend time with God, getting to know His voice so that you can hear & pursue His plan for your life.

June, 2019- Fortnight Feature #1

65 Brilliant Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

I get stuck for creative ways to reward myself when I hit my fitness goals so this is certainly one I’ll refer to quite regularly for creative ideas.

Journey to 100K: May Update

This audacious goal certainly my eye and I’m now rooting for them to hit this goal at the end of the year.

Looking to God for Help in the Fiery Middle

This was really great for giving perspective on handling difficult times in time.