Fortnight Feature

Fortnight Feature #6- September, 2019

fortnight feature 6

Approximately every fortnight (14 days), I share 2-3 new pieces of content that have stood out for me and I’ve personally found extremely helpful and memorable.

The posts are listed in alphabetical order and cover various aspects of life so feel free to browse the list and enjoy.

Fortnight Feature #6- September, 2019

200 Fun Facts That’ll Actually Make Your Life Better

This was quite a long list but filled with lots of facts and trivia so I really learnt a lot.

How Much Should I Have in My Savings

I thought this would be a good post to read to be reminded of the recommendations and rules of thumb and it certainly helped me to focus and review how I am managing my savings.

The One Thing Marriage Does That Living Together Doesn’t

I stumbled across this post by clicking through a few links but I really enjoyed it as I never stopped to really consider how marriage makes a man and woman family and it clicked when I read this post.