Fortnight Feature

Fortnight Feature #12- June 2020

Tamika C Graham Fortnight Feature 12

Approximately every fortnight (14 days), I share 2-3 new pieces of content that have stood out for me and I’ve personally found extremely helpful and memorable.

The posts are listed in alphabetical order and cover various aspects of life so feel free to browse the list and enjoy.

Fortnight Feature #12- June, 2020

Antiracism Resources

Given the situation in the USA and around the world, I discovered this page which compiles a wide and varied range of content that raises awareness and also gives practical ways to support.

How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

This conversation with Nir Eyal definitely gave me little nuggets to help me organise my day and be more productive.

Only 50 Calorie Chocolate Cake

This recipe video came out last week and I can’t wait to try it. One of Emma’s brownie recipes has become my default chocolate fix and with the low-calorie count on this one, I can enjoy guilt-free.