Fortnight Feature

Fortnight Feature #11- May 2020

Tamika C Graham Fortnight Feature 11

Approximately every fortnight (14 days), I share 2-3 new pieces of content that have stood out for me and I’ve personally found extremely helpful and memorable.

The posts are listed in alphabetical order and cover various aspects of life so feel free to browse the list and enjoy.

Fortnight Feature #11- May, 2020

5 Important Lessons I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Freelancing

As I’ve transitioned into more of a freelance role in the last couple of months, I found this article had some nuggets that were helpful in me considering how I structure my work.

Stop Writing to Yourself

Anyone who blogs has at one time or another felt like they are the only ones reading their content. This post gives helpful tips to help you improve your writing and reach your target audience.

Tiny Homes of the Ancient World- Celtic Iron Age Roundhouses

I enjoy learning about Celtic culture (I’ve visited Scotland, Ireland and Wales) and this video was great to take a look at the houses these people lived in and learn more about their history and way of life.