Fortnight Feature

Fortnight Feature #1- June, 2019

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Approximately every fortnight (14 days), I share 2-3 new pieces of content that have stood out for me and I’ve personally found extremely helpful and memorable.

The posts are listed in alphabetical order and cover various aspects of life so feel free to browse the list and enjoy.

Fortnight Feature #1- June, 2019

65 Brilliant Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

I get stuck for creative ways to reward myself when I hit my fitness goals so this is certainly one I’ll refer to quite regularly for creative ideas.

Journey to 100K: May Update

This audacious goal certainly my eye and I’m now rooting for them to hit this goal at the end of the year.

Looking to God for Help in the Fiery Middle

This was really great for giving perspective on handling difficult times in time.